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Indiana’s Hunt and Gather Pop-Up Market Comes to Vintage Garage Chicago For Season Finale 10.19

13 Oct IMG_8751


Dealers from Indiana’s Hunt & Gather Pop-Up Markets will be setting up at Vintage Garage Chicago this Sunday. Hunt and Gather is held several times a year at various locations in that state.


“The partnership with Vintage Garage Chicago seemed to be a natural extension of the growing interest by the next generation of antiques vendors,” says Hunt and Gather owner Carey Keenan-Rowell. “Everyone is excited to bring their wares this weekend. We’ll show Chicago what we’ve got.”


The last event of the season, the October installation of Vintage Garage Chicago will also include the popular Record Ramp attraction, as well as DJs spinning vinyl records.


“For the Vintage Garage customer the partnership will mean a new crop of dealers and merchandise,” says Melissa Sands of Vintage Promotions, LLC. “Some fresh faces and a new set of eyes curating vintage merchandise.”


The market will feature furniture, records, housewares, clothing and jewelry, decor, architectural items and more.

The Season Finale of Vintage Garage Chicago and Record Ramp will be held October 19 from 10 a.m. until 5 p.m. The address is 5051 N Broadway, at the Argyle stop on the Red Line. For More information, visit

U.S. Apothecary Opens On Southport

13 Oct U.S. Apothecary

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For anyone that has walked down the Southport Corridor, you’ve seen the boutique Cerat. Wedged in between Crosby’s Kitchen, Suvarna Chiropractic, Free People, and Mystic Celt, the store closed down earlier this year leaving an empty store front and everyone wondering what will come next. In merely a couple weeks, the store was transformed into the new shop U.S. Apothecary.

The store, owned by the brand K. Hall Studio, Inc., features home goods and personal care items along with a small selection of clothing and gifts. This is the brand’s first time branching out from St. Louis, Missouri, where its flagship store and other location is. The new store has been given quite the makeover, featuring exposed brick and specially made sections for candles, lotions, soaps, perfumes, and other items. Like the other two locations, U.S. Apothecary is the only place where you are able to find everything. Although K. Hall Studio does wholesale through boutiques across America, including Anthropologie, this will be the only location in the area that will feature all four of the lines that the brand has to offer.

Each product feature simple and straight forward packaging with some even including letter press hangtags. All the fragranced goods are made by K. Hall Studio, with two lines even offering cleaning products (yes – that means you can have body cream that smells the same as your cleaning spray). Right now K. Hall Studio is testing the location in Chicago, featuring it as a pop-up shop through the holidays and continuing on if successful.

U.S. Apothecary opened quietly October 6th at its location on 3451 North Southport Avenue. To find out more you can visit the store or visit the collection online at



Lindsay Grundy- Fashion Contributor,  Poor Girl’s Guide Chicago
Connect with Lindsay @lindsaygrundy or on her website,

Randolph Street Market + Modern Vintage Chicago Extravaganza! 10.17-10.19

13 Oct Oct2014-MVC+RSM-final

Oct2014-MVC+RSM-finalWith Randolph Street Market’s 2014 summer season officially in the books, vintage FANatics are clamoring for more and Randolph Street Market’s October 17-19, 2014 extravaganza is the answer! Being billed as the first Randolph Street Market all-inclusive two-fers, this two for one show combines the fashion and jewelry spectacular that is Modern Vintage Chicago with home design, antiques, artwork and more that Randolph Street Market is known for. By joining forces, these two events combine and conquer- kicking off the Fall season in high style!


Set within the historic Plumber’s Hall, home to Randolph Street Market’s monthly events, 125+ vendors will take over the entire facility. The 9,000 square foot ballroom will boast high fashion and jewels, while the remaining areas will offer only the finest furniture, artwork, accessories, decor, fancy foods and more!


Friday night, October 17, the Market will play host to a Modern Vintage party in the Ballroom with early shopping and a drink included for $20 per ticket. There will be fashion installations, live music and entertainment, makeovers, and light bites for attendees to enjoy. This ticket includes entry into the Market all weekend long!


General admission will commence October 18+19, in which guests and shoppers will enjoy an Oktoberfest theme with cider, German beers, pumpkins and Fall foliage amongst their favorite vendors including: Diane Landry Vintage Fashion, JS Lighting Sculptures, Mary Resek Antiques, Richard’s Fabulous Finds, Shop NOV, Vert Moderne and more!


By reservation only, shoppers can attend the 12 pm Lunch n’ Learn October 18, with the legendary fashion icon and lecturer, Nena Ivon. The presentation entitled: “Cloth to Couture: The Little Black Dress Story,” will tell the historical tale of the coveted “little black dress” and how to find that perfect fit for holiday gatherings! ($20 per person with boxed lunch)


“Combining the bi-annual Modern Vintage Chicago event with Randolph Street Market’s October show was a natural fit for our vendors and shoppers,” says Sally Schwartz, Randolph Street Market founder and curator. “Offering a VIP event Friday provides early buy opportunities moving into the full celebration of style all weekend long!”


This  Market, aptly dubbed “the Barneys of vintage” is a huge celebration of fashion, home design, antiques, artwork, music, food and great people watching. Since its inception, the Market has doubled its number of dealers with 250+ quality pickers, tripled in size encompassing 8 acres of one of a kind treasures, and welcomed more than 90,000 shoppers in 2013. Thanks to Sally Schwartz, The Randolph Street Market put Chicago and the Midwest on the map for well-curated antiques and vintage offerings as the first market of its kind in the Chicago area.


Since its debut, the Randolph Street Market has drawn thousands of loyal followers from Beijing to New York City appealing to collectors, art buyers, stylists, and vintage aficionados including celebrity shoppers, Vince Vaughn, Nate Berkus and Sophia Bush.





Randolph Street Market and Modern Vintage Chicago



Saturdays and Sundays, 10:00am to 5:00 pm


Remaining 2014 season Indoors

October 18/19

November 22/23

December 13/14



Beaux Arts Plumber’s Hall, 1340 W. Washington Street


PRICE: Discounted $8 tickets are available in advance (click here); general admission $10, students with ID $3 or $5 at the gate. Children 12 and under free.


Ticket Includes:
– 1 Market Bar Mimosa each (4 total, receive a check off card at the gate and bring to market bar for beverage)
– 1 discounted admission each (one voucher good for four (4) girlfriends, present paypal receipt in print or on smartphone at the entry gate)


FOR INFO: call (312) 666-1200 or


Guide To: Going Out On A Budget

6 Oct original_FLVN-frozen-hurricane-cocktail_s3x4_lg

I’ll be the first to admit it – I’m not one to ever have a lot in my wallet. But with taste for good vodka and the need to be a social butterfly, I still manage to out and enjoy myself. And although I have mornings where I wake up and groan when I look at my bank account, it’s happened a lot less since I started being smart about going out. Here are a few tips to get me through the night:

1. Pregame

I know, terrible word to say when you have a college degree. However, for those who prefer a warm-up before they go out, it’s the easiest solution. To avoid feeling like an underage drinker, think of it as a cocktail party. Use nice glasses, make fancy drinks, and most of all, don’t use cheap liquor.

2. Set a budget before you go out

Keep in number in mind of how much you can spend. For some it works better if they have this amount in cash, some keep a running total in their head when using their card. Either way, determine how much you can spend and try your best to stick to it.

3. Factor in the odds

Do you always end up buying a round with friends? Feel a little better when you take a cab home? Always prefer at least one top shelf martini? Don’t forget to factor in the little things before you determine how much you spend.

4. Always remember to tip!

No matter how broke you are, remember a tip is just as important as paying for your drink! Plan on always giving a 20% tip on every bill. If you can’t afford that – you can’t afford to go out.

5. Look around for deals

Chicago bars always have drink deals going on. Dollar beers here, wristband deals there…there’s always something. Look online and ask around to see if there’s a good deal at a favorite bar.

6. Mix the good with the bad

I like a dive bar just as much as I like going a nice bar. Sometimes you meet an array of people at both places and it leads to a good night. If you bar hop a lot, opt to go to a dive bar in between nicer bars. You never know what you will come across and your bar tab will be a little cheaper.

7. Think before you drink

Do you always have to have that $14 scotch? Do you really need that last drink? Know when it’s time to take a step down from your drinking pedestal. Whether it means going for a well compared to top shelf or just cutting yourself off completely, realize that sometimes it’s just not worth it.

Some of these might be tips or tricks you use every day, some might be brand new to you, but in order to go out without feeling guilty, they are all ideas you should keep in mind before you take the city out for a spin.


Lindsay Grundy- Fashion Contributor,  Poor Girl’s Guide Chicago
Connect with Lindsay @lindsaygrundy or on her website,

A Love, Hate, Love Relationship Tale Featuring Forever 21

29 Sep Fall 2014 Forever 21
Fall 2014 Forever 21

Fall 2014 Forever 21

Alright, I’m not the most excited to admit this, but I shop at Forever 21. A lot. However, most people don’t realize it. A store like this isn’t my first pick to walk into, however when a gal is on a budget and has a shopping addiction, choices must be made. Although at some point I hope to be able to shop at Barney’s and Kate Spade on a daily basis, I think now I have cheaper points of life down.

That’s right ladies and even gentlemen, it is possible to purchase something that is worthwhile at Forever 21. I’m not saying it’s like a walk down the aisle at Bloomingdale’s, however with a few things kept in mind you can make the trip into the store worthwhile. Here’s what helps me:

1. Go for the basics

I live in their $2.80 tanks. And their knit pencil skirts are perfect to throw on before work and are comfortable. Basics here are perfect because you wear them out quicker compared to your other clothes.

  1. Try it onThis one I hate to do, but it’s true. Most of the brands Forever 21 buys from are fitted from a designer or their assistants – not a stand fit model. Plus with cheaper manufacturing you never know how it will look until you put it on.3. One stop trend shop

    Dying for that trendy crop top that you know you probably won’t wear next year? If you feel like trying a trend however you don’t know how long it will last, don’t bother with a higher priced store. Forever 21 is great on offering pieces for every trend and style. It hard not to find that latest style you’ve been wondering about.

    4. Think of the personal value

    If it’s the leather jacket you’ve wanted since your teens, Forever 21 probably isn’t the place to buy it. However if you don’t plan on keeping it forever then what’s the point of spending a lot on it?

    5. Don’t get attached

    Speaking of not keeping it for the rest of your life, never forget where you purchase those jeans for $9.95 or that handbag for $34.95. To shop here you have to accept the inevitable – something with break, something will tear, something will easily get ruined. Once you accept the fact you get what you paid for you will not only be a little less angry for buying that jean shirt, but you will also think twice before you purchase those printed leggings.

    6. Make outfits before a purchase

    To avoid wasting your money, try to come up with at least a few ways you could wear to garment. Sometimes you let something waste away because it was inexpensive. Or you buy it in impulse and realize the mistake you made later. If you figure out multiple ways to wear it before you buy it, the more likely you are to actually wear it.

    7. Look at the content

    Do a little fabric study. Depending on the weave and what it’s made out of will determine how long it will last. Some materials are more likely to tear or pill easily while other fabrics will last a lot longer than you think. Study up and become a better consumer here.

    8. Remember: Cheap is cheap

    I’m smart about what I pull off the rack at Forever 21. At the end of the day, not matter if it looks good from afar or it’s that piece I’ve been looking for, if it looks or feels cheap, it’s not worth it.

    With these tips you can now be put in the right frame of mind to indulge in your guilty pleasure. Now run along beauties, and when they ask you where that adorable skirt came from, give a sly grin and act like the name slipped your mind. Hopefully if you are smart and savy enough, they’ll never know.


Lindsay Grundy- Fashion Contributor,  Poor Girl’s Guide Chicago
Connect with Lindsay @lindsaygrundy or on her website,

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